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A Bear's Tail
A bears tail titles
Starring Leigh Francis
Patsy Kensit
Sean Pertwee
Davina McCall
Yasmin Kerr
Dexter Fletcher
Ozzy Rezat
Opening theme "Skydiver"
By Loudmouth Soup
Number of series 1
Number of episodes 7 (List of episodes)
Debut episode December 28, 2004
Final episode August 12, 2005
Bo' Selecta!
Bo! in the USA

A Bear's Tail (stylized as a Bear's Tail) is a television sitcom, written by Leigh Francis. It is a spin-off of Bo' Selecta!, centering around the Bear. One series was aired in 2005. But unlike Bo' Selecta!, Leigh Francis clearly made out who he really was, and that Avid Merrion wasn't his real name, nor his real voice or manner. It is clearly revealed on the Video Diaries found on the official website.

The show features the Bear as being adopted by the Hennerson family. Other characters made appearances (including some of the characters from Bo' Selecta!), such as Craig David, Mel B, and Avid Merrion. It often broke the fourth wall, with the scriptwriter living in a cupboard under the stairs. According to the DVD commentary, the first scriptwriter (Nick Moran) was changed to Dexter Fletcher because it was felt that, as good an actor as he is, Moran brought too much intensity to the role, and Fletcher was easier to warm up to.

Even though it achieved reasonable ratings, the series wasn't as successful as Bo' Selecta!, and not the hit that Channel 4 had hoped for. Only one series was produced, even though some believe that only one series was ever planned anyway, as the pilot and 6 episodes are a self-contained story-arc, and everything is wrapped up in the final episode, leaving little room for expansion.

The show was released on PAL DVD during 2005, including a host of extras.


Regular castEdit

A bears tail cast

The main cast of A Bear's Tail from left to right:
Richard Head (Sean Pertwee)
Lillian Hennerson (Yasmin Kerr)
The Bear (Leigh Francis)
and Helena Hennerson (Patsy Kensit)

Episode GuideEdit

Christmas Special — A Bear's Christmas TailEdit

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